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Week 16

The time has come for the semester to end. I’ve been able to grow and expand my knowledge of public relations. But the biggest accomplishment this semester has been for me through this class.

During week 9, I had an eye-opening experience. We were working on creating social media content for different outlets. Ultimately finding something you were passionate about would help you channel what you would design. At the time I still wasn’t sure what type of public relations work I wanted to go into, all I knew was that I didn’t want to be working on things that I wasn’t passionate about. So where did this lead me? It led me to design something that I was passionate about, music. During that week I found an outlet that I could see myself in forever.

This poster for the Norman Music Festival is one of my favorite design pieces I ever did.

After completing 16 weeks of PR pubs, I now have different publications I can put into my portfolio.

Not only did I find what I want to as a career, but also I developed a habit of blogging each week. Blogging is a tool that I can use to stay updated with music and voice my opinion on different things.

So what will become of my blog now?

I plan to use an entire page on my blog dedicated to reviewing new music. Eventually, this can be an asset to my resume. Showing I can work on my passion on a weekly basis can only allow me to grow and become more involved in music.

I’m thankful to be in a class that was centered around the student. Having a class that grades weren’t the main concern allowed me to be able to express my work in a more creative way instead of being restricted to guidelines and classroom expectations from a rubric.

What did you learn the most this semester?

Who is your favorite musical artist?

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