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Week 15

The light at the end of the tunnel is so close! And with it ends my journey through PR pubs. In the beginning, it was terrifying, setting alarms to upload assignments with a hint of the drive to become a better PR professional who was willing to learn. Reflecting on my last 15 weeks in PR pubs I have been challenged in more ways than I dreamed possible, but I’m coming out of this experience powerful and full of knowledge. Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned in PR pubs:

  1. Spotting typography like a pro

serif has feet/ san serif is footless

2. Being able to notice that simple pieces are complex with multiple layers

3. Compare what the competitors are doing and then adapt to that

4. ALWAYS create a mood board

As silly as it sounds, creating a mood board for projects and event have helped me find inspiration and design styles for what I’m looking for.

5. Design for your audience

Sometimes you’ll have to ask yourself,

“What does my audience like? What are their hopes and dreams? What do they want and desire?”

Before you even think about creating a piece you have to consider your audience.


6. When you are designing, remember that red is red

If your brand is open to the public, your brand is going to get seen by someone. Be consistent in your brand. If you use yellow as the primary color, you need always to incorporate yellow into your brand, because no matter how sick you are of seeing yellow, that is how your audience recognizes you.

7. Always give a call to action

Say you created a direct mailer and you spend time, resources and money on this piece. Made it visually appealing and wrote to your audience, but you forget one thing. You ignored your call to action. What is your audience supposed to do with this information you’ve given them? They can’t read minds. You should always give your publications a call to action, no matter how big or how small. Tell the audience what they need to do.


8. Discovering Canva.com

This is exactly how I feel on a daily basis creating content on canva. Through canva, in week 9 I was able to see a future that PR and music would blend. This application is personal to me.


9. PR is storytelling

Through public relations, you are telling a story. Aim to structure your story in a way that will entice your readers.


10. Last but not least, PR is inspiring

Out of all the classes, I’ve taken in Gaylord this class challenged me to find my inner most creative genius.


How do you define PR?

What is the biggest thing you’ve from your classes this semester?




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